Cherry Blossoms in Hakone

the representative viewing spots

When it comes to spring in Hakone, there are great places to view cherry blossoms, so see below for information about cherry blossoms and some spots for viewing in Hakone in advance.

In Hakone, a variety of kinds of cherry blossoms can be viewed depending on the area such as Yoshino cherry blossoms, weeping cherry blossoms and wild cherry blossoms, etc.  Hakone has a different elevation which is one of the reasons why cherry blossoms can be enjoyed for about a month as they bloom firstly in the Yumoto area and gradually towards lake Ashino and its surroundings (usually from early April to late April).

Here are the representative viewing spots for cherry blossoms in Hakone:


Cherry blossom lined paths along Haya river in Miyagino
[Best time to see: Early to mid April]

Yoshi cherry trees are lined up for about 450m along Haya river, so you can take a walk under the fully bloomed cherry trees while hearing the murmur of the river.  These cherry blossoms will lighten up during the Miyagino cherry blossom festival in early April, so nighttime cherry blossom viewing can also be enjoyed then. (The photo is from the past year and it’ll be like this.)


Hakone Gora Park
[Best time to view: Early to mid April]

It is known as a French style garden in which it was established in 1914 for the first time in Japan, and the park’s characteristic is there are quite a few kinds of cherry blossoms such as Yoshino cherry, weeping cherry, Fuji cherry and autumn cherry.  Also, you can see the very rare cherry called Yaemame cherry that have only found a few in Hakone.


Hakone Kowakien Horaien
[Best time to view: Early to mid April]

You can take a stroll freely in a large park which is about 5,000 tsubo (approx. 3,300m2)  Yoshino cherry blossoms and other cherry blossoms surrounding the mountains in the park also be enjoyed.


Onshihakone Park
[Best time to view: Mid to late April]

You can enjoy a panoramic landscape looking down at lake Ashi with Fuji in front of you.  This landscape has been selected as one of the ‘50 selected landscapes of Kanagawa.  The fully bloomed cherry blossoms with Mt. Fuji in the background is definitely worth seeing.


If you are planning to visit Hakone in April, please consider ‘viewing cherry blossoms’ as one of your things to do and enjoy spring in Hakone.