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Human resource development
With trusted qualifications as National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter, International Mountain Guide Association, Wildnerness First Aid, Travel Itenary Control Manager and over 1000 hours of annual guiding experience, we offer staff training for efficient staffing.


Education on accurate information and experience backed by extensive knowledge of National and public qualifications.

Programmes offered by leading experts in the field.

Programmes for educating Adventure Travel guides that are at an international standard.


Speaker/planner “MICHINOKU GOLD Romantic” Tourist Guide Education Project (Level 1) organized by Japan Heritage.

Planner/Speaker for AT guide project “Translation project of local tourism resources” funded by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Kanto District Transport Bureau.

Speaker at “English Speaking Hiking Guide Seminar” Azumino city, Nagano.

Speaker at “Mountiniring with Overseas guest Guiding Seminar” Nagano prefecture.

Speaker at “Tourism Professional Gude Training Seminar” Matsuda-machi Tourism Association, Kanagawa.

Speaker at “Communication with Overseas Guest Seminar” for Rangers of Tokyo

Staff training at Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort And Spa Hotel, Hakone.

Staff training at Hoshino Resorts KAI Sengokuhara Hotel.