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Offering sustainable inbound measures created based on the requirements of each client and related regions of Japan.
We support in creating programs for international visitors to fully experience Japan.


Solutions based on experience as an inbound business specialist.

Sustainable solutions which incorporate experience from working with government agencies as Hakone DMO inbound manager.

Planning of effective trial cases such as FAM trip with the varied resources from Japan and overseas.


Produce of “Adventure Tourism” contents funded by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Kanto District Transport Bureau.

Supervision of the Hakone area’s tourism resource project for “Translation project of local tourism resources” funded by the Japan Tourism Agency.

Produce of Hakone area’s tour content for “Fuji Hakone Izu National Park Enjoy and Experience Project” by the Ministry of Environment.

Participation in “Via Alpina” held in Switzerland by Swiss Federal Office for the Environment as a KOL and FAM trip representative from Asia.

Participation in “International Luxury Trave Market (ILTM”) in Kanagawa.

Participation in “World Travel EXPO” held in Kanagawa by Sydney, Australia.

External specialist of Inbound business for Kanagawa Minami-Ashigara Chamber of Commerce.

Chair of Inbound group, Hakone DMO

Supervision of English hiking map, Hakone DMO