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Hakone Summer Matsuri Festivals

Hakone Summer Matsuri Festivals


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Japan is a country full of natural, cultural, and historical wonders. Many people enjoy the culinary delights and the opportunity to explore and experience an unique country. A wonderful manifestation of these special Japanese qualities is the Matsuri “祭”  - Japanese festivals.

Matsuri is an opportunity to see and feel a special side of this wonderful country. Matsuri is often a time to celebrate or show appreciation for a special historical event, person, or community bond. Origin of many festivals can be traced back hundreds of years with colorful and insightful narratives and characteristics.

Matsuri are held all over Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, throughout the year. However, they are particularly concentrated in the summer months. On the shores of Lake Ashi, you can enjoy a number of special events during July and August. Hakone has long been a wonderful place to find cool summer days and cultural experiences.

We warmly invite you to come and taste the unique and colorful food stalls, enjoy firework shows, or just find a cool place to take in the festive atmosphere of a matsuri. Below is a brief list of some events held at the shores of Lake Ashi in Hakone during the summer months:

Ashinoko Kosui Matsuri
JULY 31st, Sunday
芦ノ湖 湖水まつり

A week of festivities starts with the Kosui Festival. Legend holds that at the bottom of Lake Ashi a nine headed dragon lived, tormenting local villagers. He was placated and calmed by a wandering priest and now protects the shores of the lake and the people and visitors to the Hakone area. The festivities are centered around an offering of sake and red rice to the dragon by the priests of Hakone Shrine.

This is one of Hakone`s largest festivals. Walk among the food stalls along the cool shores of Lake Ashi and enjoy the firework display in the evening. The serene setting of floating lanterns, toro-nagashi, and illuminated red shrine gates is a wonderful scene to experience.

Hakone Shrine Reidai Festival
AUGUST 1st, Monday

The Hakone Shrine holds this celebration once a year to pray for the long life and health of the shrine and visitors. Festivities often include a kendo tournament, poetry recitals, samurai sword exhibitions and more on the grounds of the Hakone Shrine. There is also a display of fireworks to be enjoyed in the evening.

AUGUST 2nd, Tuesday
御神幸祭 鳳輦渡御(ほうれんとぎょ)

At Gojin Kosai traditional Japanese boats can be seen sailing from Hakone Shrine to Sekisho, the old checkpoint, in the early evenings.

The Hakone Park Summer Night Festival takes place at the base of Komagatake Ropeway near the Prince Hotel and fireworks can be seen after dark. The splendid fireworks display will be held on August 2nd and 3rd.

Kojiri Dragon Festival
AUGUST 4th,  Thursday

An event dedicated to the enshrined Dragon of Lake Ashi. Enjoy the dancing of the local “Soran” group. “Soran” is one of Japan`s most famous traditional songs with variations and styles differing depending on location and community. More music is provided by a marching band as well. There is also a fireworks display to be enjoyed in the evening.

Festival of the Burning Shrine Gates
AUGUST 5th, Friday

The iconic scene of a red shrine gate floating on the shoreline with Mt. Fuji in the background is the setting for this festival. Things get dramatic and spectacular as a shrine gate is set ablaze on the lake. The burning shrine gate stands out in the night. The festivities continue with a large firework show in the evening.

Come before dark to walk around the food and game stalls on the cool shores of Lake Ashi. Festivals give you the opportunity to try a number of wonderful Japanese foods; Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Shaved Ice, and much more. The kids will love playing one of the festival games, much like the stands of a carnival or county fair.

Matsuri is a special opportunity to enrich a visit to Japan. Walking among the visitors and locals, sampling the varied “festival” foods, and taking in the sights and sounds of a matsuri will challenge your senses and leave you with memories that can last a lifetime. We hope you can time your visit to Hakone with one of these events and look forward to seeing you here.