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Temperature & Rain in Hakone

Temperature & Rain in Hakone


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When you plan a trip to Japan, you may want to know and plan what kind of clothes to bring. In Japan, we have four distinct seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. There is also the rainy season from mid-June to July for about a month.

Hakone is cooler than Tokyo!

The chart above is the average temperature and precipitation for major areas of Hakone. As you can see, even in August, the average temperature won’t get higher than 25 degrees celsius(℃) while it sometimes reaches higher than 35 ℃ in Tokyo.

Five degrees cooler throughout the year.

It can be said that on average, Hakone is five degrees cooler than Tokyo. That is one of the reasons why people visit Hakone from all over Japan during the hottest seasons. On the other hand, Winter becomes cold. We have snow a few times in January and February. Though it is cold,  it’s the best season to see a great view of Mt. Fuji and enjoy nice hot springs!

Explore Hakone offers custom-made tours for your visit. For an even more pleasant visit to Hakone, please check the average temperature in the area and bring extra layers with you.