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Rakan Owner

Atsuko was born and raised in Mishima, gateway to the Izu Peninsula. Her parents ran a business at home, and she always loved helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen preparing meals for the employees. After studying art and design in Tokyo, she had a chance to visit Toluca, Mexico, where she met and married Chihiro Kato, a ceramic artist who had been sent there on the Japanese government’s cultural project. After completing Chihiro’s mission, the couple returned to Japan and started living in an old folk house in central Izu, where they established Pottery and Restarurant Rakan. It is over 10 years since Chihiro passed away, but Atsuko, just like before, opens her restaurant only for one group a day serving her exquisite and delicious dishes on Chiriro’s artisanal ceramics.

Hello, I am Atsuko, chef and owner of Rakan. The source of inspiration for me is ever changing nature surrounding my old folk house. It never stays the same. And I take each encounter with my guests as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Nothing pleases me more than seeing my guests relax and enjoy themselves here. I would be delighted if I could serve such precious time and space to you as well as my dishes.